Aurora Camp

Rangeview High School

July 15-19, 2019

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Cost $100 - 5 Day camp

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  • An introductory experience for students that want to learn about Computer Forensics, and CyberSecurity fundamentals. This track will culminate with a CyberSecurity Grand Challenge Competition between two teams. The program encourages beginners and intermediate students to work together to build a strong knowledge base.

  • This track is intended for students who have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of CyberSecurity. Students will improve their skills with extensive hands-on lab time and prepare for the CyberPatriot competitions this fall. Enrollment priority will be given to students who have participated in at least one CyberPatriot season and intend to compete in the 2018- 2019 season.


  • Students will explore advanced engineering concepts in alternative energy, focused on the future of solar, wind, and hydrogen fuel cell technology. This integrated STEM track is designed around informative work sessions, hands-on laboratory design-builds, and challenging classroom experiments.

  • This introduction to machine learning will acquaint students to core concepts of computer programming and statistics and their application in the real world. Machine Learning encompasses increasingly important optimization techniques which allow us to automate many processes—think robotics, self-driving cars, optimization of investment success, and the famous Watson computer.  Have you noticed how a website like Amazon is able to suggest products for you that seem to fit you like a glove?  Machine Learning techniques allowed Amazon to infer what you might like based on previous viewings and purchases.  How about an app like Pandora?  It “learns” the type of music you like based on what you have listened to or purchased previously.  Programmed with the right techniques, computers have the ability to find obscure patterns in data which even humans would have difficulty detecting.  Computers are then able to bridge ties and build relationships between information in new ways to solve a great variety of problems.  In addition to exposure to computer programming and statistical inference in the context of data analysis, the week will involve hands-on analysis of a variety of real-world datasets.  This class concludes with the development of a 20 Questions Game.  The curriculum is geared toward advanced STEM students.  This curriculum is intended for students who have had previous exposure to computer programming.

  • This course introduces students to the fundamentals of computer programming which will allow students to get a feel for what it would be like to be a Software Engineer. Students will learn the basics needed to create a personalized video game by the end of the week.

  • Students will learn the basics of circuits, electricity, engineering, and computing using Arduino. This track will expose students to processing programming language, SparkFun’s Inventor’s Kit, and RedBot robotics platform. Students will gain a basic foundation to start working in a heavily relevant programming and engineering setting.

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